3 FOR THURSDAY: Belgrave, Kadivar & Williams Setting The Tone

Larry Blustein
September 13, 2018 - 9:43 am

Larry Blustein

As we begin this Thursday with our prayers to those affected by Hurricane Florence, those in south Florida know the drill all too well.

With Hurricane Irma still fresh on the minds of everyone in the Sunshine State, we all understand how a storm can truly turn everything upside down.

While life and property are at the center of attention this weekend, we can only comprehend what the Carolinas and Georgia are feeling.

While we didn’t get the direct impact from Irma, it was enough of a blow that it really turned the 2017 season upside down – with missed games. When some kind of normalcy did return to communities, power returned slowly, forcing some teams to play 3 district games in 10 days!

Through four weeks of the season, we have been able to play this game, while still watching the tropics and truly comprehending that life can change in an instant.


Each and every week throughout the course of a year, we pick out three players who have turned heads – and are picking up recruiting momentum. You will be impressed with this trio this week:

2020 – Emmanuel “JoJo” Belgrave, DE/OLB, Miami Southridge. There are a number of prospects who start to get recognition in their junior year. Here is one of those quality athletes who matured in the off-season – and as we are now under way in 2018 – is someone to keep an eye on.

Called by one of his coaches: “a defensive threat - with a motor that never stops” – here is a player who has already been productive in wins against American and North Miami, as well as the tough loss to Booker T. Washington.

Next time you head out to watch the Spartans play, remember to check out Belgrave. He is certainly a prospect on the rise.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/9485365/Emmanuel-JoJo-Belgrave  

2019 – Kamran Kadivar, QB, Fort Lauderdale Pine Crest. From the time he was a freshman at Westminster Academy, we have watched this quality talent mature and grow into one of the best in south Florida.

From his athleticism to the arm strength that has paved the way the past three years, here is one of those talents that will always make you better. 

At a time when prospects are putting their best foot forward, Kamran is someone who has never stopped impressing – as the coaching staff and his teammates will tell you.

Whatever school he lands at will get someone who will enhance the entire program – on and off the field.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/4111677/Kamran-Kadivar 

2021 – James Williams, S, Plantation American Heritage. Before he ever arrived at Monsignor Pace, here is an athlete that everyone had been talking about.

At 6-5, this is one of those players you watch perform and are just in awe of what he does. Athletic, quick and instincts that you simply do not find from a high school sophomore.

As he has shown so far this season at his new schools – against elite competition, he more than belongs. This is a difference maker who will continue to blow people away with his skills – for a long time to come.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/11041492/James-Williams  

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