3 FOR THURSDAY: Brinson, Martin & Young Lifting Their Teams

Larry Blustein
May 17, 2018 - 12:30 pm

Larry Blustein

No matter where you go in South Florida, there is always going to be talent to watch.

The great thing about this region of the country is that there are so many gifted football prospects that if you go and watch one player, you end up seeing two or three others that turn your head as well.

This spring, with so many colleges watching practice and scrimmages - and soon the spring games - athletes are getting the opportunity to showcase their many skills in front of coaches who could end up determining their future.

The best thing about spring football is the opportunity to watch athletes who have grown and matured since the 2017 season ended. That is what makes recruiting so fun - and challenging at the same time. Prospects can go from one level to the next in just a few months.

As we talk to many college coaches during this process, the concern is making the grades, which has been preached to these athletes from the time they began playing. It may sound like a broken record, but if you don’t get the grades, your chances of getting a scholarship are not great.

This spring, as many schools are trying to fill their rosters for the future, they are also taking a look at many of the football players who have been overlooked for one reason or another.

Today, we have two Class of 2019 prospects and one freshman that are very talented and will continue to make a difference throughout the remainder of spring and into summer. 

2021 - Romello Brinson, WR, Miami Northwestern. What the Bulls lacked at times during their 2017 state championship run was a receiver who could go into the huddle and tell the quarterback that he can get open on every play. This is long, young and talented prospect that this team needed to go along with a quality running games. Romello has good size, jumps very well, is quick and very athletic. He loves to go up for the jump balls - and often comes down with it. You will watch his progress over the next three years and be amazed at what this quality football player brings to the team. 

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/11027788/Romello-Brinson

2019 - Keyon Martin, DB, Deerfield Beach. It is very tough o find a football prospect like this. One who knows as much about the game as anyone - being around it all of his young life (father Manny Martin is DC). He is a talented athlete who will never back down from competition, reads the quarterback extremely well and will make the plays that end up turning a game around. In the word of all these 5-star football players, Martin combines his impressive football skill level with superb work in the classroom, following a family tradition of balancing athletes and grades. Every team needs a Keyon Martin. 

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/7455038/Keyon-Martin 

2019 - Jaylin Young, WR, Miami Central. Talk to most football fans and all will tell you that the big play receiver may have been the reason the Rockets didn’t get to state a year ago. While they were loaded with running backs and defensive playmakers - it was that pass catcher this program really needed - and with Jaylin, they have that threat to get the ball in the end zone, making head coach Roland Smith and his team more versatile. This is a talent that should have a huge season.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/7628341/jaylin-young 

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