3 FOR THURSDAY: Exciting Year For Harrigan, Melton and Strong

Larry Blustein
November 08, 2018 - 11:39 am

Larry Blustein

With some schools already finished for the year, and others watching their title hopes slip away each week, the focus for many underclassmen is on the competitive and busy off season.

With camps, combines and 7-on-7 events getting ready to fire up after the end of this season, many parents who are new to the year-round grind are asking fair questions.

At a time when everyone has all the answers to tell parents, the best answer can only be up to the athlete himself. If football is a priority – and a college scholarship is the objective – there is no question.

There are those tremendous athletes who have found a way to balance basketball, track, wrestling and even baseball, but for the most part, taking part in the off season is pretty much a must.

With the playoffs starting tonight, we look back on this season as the year of big games. Once again, south Florida will be in the spotlight as home to combines and 7-on-7 teams that will compete against some of the best in the country.

While recruiting and high school football have become a 365 day event, it is also a time when athletes get the chance to showcase their skills to college coaches and recruiting services.

While we will continue to give you the best recruiting coverage throughout the year. We also provide a spotlight on several talented prospects.

Today, we bring you three more football players who have certainly made some huge strides:

2019 – Mekhi Harrigan, DB, Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson. Make no mistake, here is one of those talented young men that many have overlooked – and when you think about all the talent in south Florida – that is an easy thing to do.

With some of the best secondary performers in the nation – right here in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties - plenty of talent gets passed over, and here is a perfect example.

Solid cover guy who has the talent to play a number of positions. His ball skills are among the best you will find – and ending his final season with seven picks – proves that this quality football talent can play this game. 

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/8632792/Makhi-Harrigan

2019- Darius Melton, WR, Coconut Creek Monarch. There is something about athletes from this program that continue to surface every year. This is a very gifted football player who put up solid numbers during a rebuilding season.

Has the size and athleticism to make an impact at the next level. His 36 receptions for 725 yards and 8 TDs shows what kind of talent this young man us.

Watch him play and you will be impressed with someone who is indeed gifted. His size and playmaking ability will keep him in the spotlight.

He also gets it done in the classroom as well.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/7152304/Darius-Melton/about 

2019 – Marvin Strong, DL/LB, Miami Southridge. During a year when the Spartans achieved a district title, here is certainly someone who has stepped up to become a force for a team that lost a number of playmakers from last season.

This is a versatile football player who is always around the ball, using his athletic ability a skill. Coaches have talked about how much progress he has made over the past year.

In a season where the Spartans continued to improve, Strong is a talent that has more than showcased his ability to play this games.

TAPE: http://www.hudl.com/profile/9055521/Marvin-Strong


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