3 For Thursday: Frederick, Miller & Scott Grabbing The Attention This Spring

Larry Blustein
May 24, 2018 - 11:48 am

Larry Blustein

When it comes to playmakers, college coaches across the nation know where to come when choosing prospects that make a difference.

No matter what school you go to in South Florida this time of year - there are going to be athletes who jump out at you - and beckon for you to watch and appreciate what they bring to the table.

Spending time with college coaches this spring, you can see in their eyes how impressed they are with so many talented young men who continue to turn heads.

“It’s all about the speed our athletes bring to the table,” Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services explained. “Colleges across the country do not have the chance to see so many collectively on one field - and that is what makes their visit to this area so productive.”

The quest to attract some of the talent in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, is a year-round thing and is not exclusive to spring.

What coaches found during late April and into May are athletes who want to compete. Talent, young and experienced, who will never back away from competition.

As we do every week during the course of the year, bringing you football prospects who are grabbing the spotlight is the perfect way to showcase the athletes we produce.

This 3 For Thursday segment introduces you to more football players in South Florida. 

2019 - Anthony Frederick, WR, Miami Central. Yet another Hallandale transfer is showing the Rockets that they have something very special in a sure-handed pass catcher who runs very good routes and is not afraid to mix it up. This is a steady athlete who has earned a reputation of making plays - against top-flight competition. Has the chance to be a huge catalyst this season for a program that is looking to get back to Orlando in December.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/8545173/Anthony-Frederick

2019 - Clifton Miller, RB/DB, Miramar. With a number of elite running backs across the region getting plenty of attention, here is someone who is ready to explode this season. A versatile back who can run from the line of scrimmage as well as block and catch. Clifton is giving the Patriots a true difference maker who is looking to add balance to a young, but very potent offensive attack.

TAPE: https://l.hudl.com/profile/9053358/Clifton-Miller

2021 - Lamont Scott, WR, Fort Lauderdale Dillard. Every year, there is a football talent that pops up in South Florida who many predict great things for. Here is definitely one of those big time football players who has a chance to be very special in 2018. Showcasing his talents already this spring, college coaches are watching and will be following this quality football player over the next year. While he is raw and needs work, you will not find too many other physical Class of 2021 receivers like this. The Panthers and coaches are very excited about Lamont’s future.

TAPE: http://www.hudl.com/profile/11015298/Lamont-Scott

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