3 FOR THURSDAY: Philias, Smith & Stellato Getting Attention

Larry Blustein
October 18, 2018 - 10:09 am

Larry Blustein

What happened last week in Florida’s Panhandle is indeed a reminder of what south Florida had to deal with last year – in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in 2017.

For a community that has been disrupted by storms and hurricanes throughout history, many know how time becomes a great healer.

Storms have hit south Florida and have disrupted life, which included football, for as long as anyone can remember, but the devastation that covered nearly 200 miles of pristine gulf beaches brings back memories of Hurricane Andrew.

Much like Michael did in Mexico Beach, Port St. Joe and in many other areas, wiping out homes and displacing families. And as those in Homestead, Florida City and many areas on the way up to Kendall, found out, it is all overwhelming to take in, but given time, everything will work its way out – some way, some how!

As the prayers are very much heading toward those in the Panhandle, Georgia and the other states affected by this monster and destructive storm, life does go on, and for the local prospects in south Florida, the next few weeks are going to be important.

With key district games and an opportunity to compete against elite prospects, this is the time to get some of that attention that they deserve.

Each week, we bring you three football players that deserve some of that spotlight. Here are this week’s prospects:

2019 – Charles Philias, OLB/RB, Homestead Somerset – Silver Palms. One of the prospects that we had watched and promoted during the off season, has truly had a major year.

This is a versatile football player that has shown that he is equally as talented on either side of the ball, and at 6-1, 195 pounds, this is someone who colleges should continue to watch.

On a team that has improved each and every year, Charles is one of those talents who continues to stand out and make a difference.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/6189463/Charles-Philias

2019 – Rahmod Smith, TE, Homestead. In a state loaded with quality football prospects, very few athletes will have the impact that this impressive talent will over the next 4-5 years.

What you have is an athlete who can catch, run patterns and do the things that all receivers can do. But what will make him much different is his 6-foot-5 frame will handle 250-260 pounds by the time he reaches his senior year in college, and that will grab the interest of the NFL as a tight end.

The younger brother of FAU standout linebacker Rashad Smith, and current UNLV commit, Rahmod could emerge as one of the best in Florida, and at the end of the day, that will leave a lot of Power 5 schools kicking themselves often.

TAPE: http://www.hudl.com/profile/9758361/Rahmod-Smith 

2021 – Troy Stellato, WR, Cardinal Gibbons. This is a big time young prospect who has really turned heads over the past year. Just a sophomore, he is way advanced with his route running, work in the weight room and overall on-field football presence.

When you watch him, he is in on every play – whether he is getting the ball or not. That is something that college coaches want. They can see he catches the ball extremely well, but at the same time, he will block and do anything and everything it takes on each play.

Getting the opportunity to work with Kentucky-bound quarterback Nik Scalzo will only enhance his experience and knowledge of the offense – which will help when the Chiefs have a new quarterback in 2019.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/11013873/Troy-Stellato 

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