3 FOR THURSDAY – Denis, Gowdy & Velez All Raising The Talent Bar

Larry Blustein
June 14, 2018 - 1:15 pm

Larry Blustein

Make no mistake, we are right now in the middle of the most important part of the recruiting season.

One week after school came to an end, athletes from South Florida are everywhere and everywhere, attending camps and taking part in 7-on-7 events.

With so many colleges opening their doors this June – trying to make up for the NCAA, limiting college contact for the first three weeks of July, things are indeed hectic.

You can see how the local schools have been able to take advantage of the first few weeks of the summer – with events happening weekly.

Butch Davis and FIU have been able to host a few of their own camps – along with the much scrutinized satellite camps.

FAU , like FIU, have been holding camps in Boca Raton, but also bringing other colleges to check out some of the local talent.

Miami has used the first part of the summer, bringing down 48 teams co compete in four separate 7-on-7 events as well as hosted line camps and the youth series, which was something that head coach Mark Richt started when he arrived.

From West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale, South Miami-Dade and the heart of Miami, the Hurricanes came out.

There are a number of elite football players who have started to emerge during the past month at a number of events.

As we do every week during the off season, we bring you are 3 For Thursday prospects that deserve the exposure:

2020 – Jonathan Denis. OL, Homestead South Dade. One of the prospects who is on the way to becoming the next wave of elite line prospects. In an area that has long been searching for that pipeline of elite talent up front, Denis is truly one of those athletic big men who has been getting it done – on both sides of the ball – for quite some time. The final two years will be fun to watch.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/8160103/Jonathan-Denis

2020 – Bryce Gowdy, WR, Deerfield Beach. After watching his father play for the Bucks back in the day, nothing that this gifted talent could do that would ever surprise anyone. Has tremendous football skills and is very athletic. Is part of one of the best Class of 2020 receiving corps you will find. A very gifted prospect who continues to impress at everything he takes part in. College coaches are always blown away by what he can do.  

TAPE: http://www.hudl.com/profile/7940274/Bryce-Gowdy

2019 – Isaiah Velez, QB, Miami Northwestern. As we have talked about this North Miami transfer a number times over the last year, his off season has included an opportunity to impress and showcase his arm strength, accuracy and leadership at major colleges. This is certainly someone who has a chance to lead the Bulls to another special year.

TAPE: http://www.hudl.com/profile/9381428/Isaiah-Velez

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