SPRING SPOTLIGHT: Deerfield Beach Is Ready For A State Title Run

Larry Blustein
May 14, 2018 - 11:41 am

Larry Blustein

For the past few years, when Class 8A football was mentioned, Deerfield Beach was very much in that conversation.

While the Bucks fell way short of what the pre-season goal was in 2017, head coach Jevon Glenn and his staff examined what may have held this gifted team back a year ago.

With one of the best defenses in Florida, getting that offense to click - against top competition - was indeed something that never came together - as the loss to Western in the playoffs will back up.

What happened in the offseason was a commitment to the entire game. No matter if it was quarterback, running back, receiver, linemen - on both sides of the ball - linebackers and defensive backs, the entire team would go into the 2018 season ready to go.

Look at any roster in the state of Florida - with the exception of national recruiting machine IMG - and nobody has what the Bucks have sent out this spring. 

As many doubt this program - because they have been favorites to get to state before - and haven’t come through, there is something about this team. But what makes this program so different?

The coaches have assembled players who go at all year - competing against some of the nation’s elite. The commitment to building the line and creating competition at the quarterback position was a must. 

Defensively, it is much the same. The loss of key leaders will provide an opportunity for new players to step up and make a difference.

The defense will showcase some playmakers - starting with the secondary, where Marquise Jackson (S), Marcus LaFrance (CB)

and Keyon Martin have the experience in the Class of 2019.

Class of 2020 prospects Brunel Desinor (CB), Virgil Lemmons (CB), Anthony Prospere (CB), Louis Rolle (CB) and Christopher Townsel (SS) are impressive as well.

Even with the loss of some quality linebackers from a year ago, things are very much in good hands for the Bucks this spring - with Class of 2019 standouts Gemon Eaford (OLB), Jeremy Joseph (MLB), Terrell Littlejohn (OLB), CVoconut Creek transfer Teddy Jerome McCall (OLB), Trivellis Matthews (OLB), Brandon Moses (MLB), Romello Rutty  (OLB) and Juwan Williams (MLB).

Class of 2020 prospects Widmyer Garcon (OLB) and Eric Myrie, as well as promising Class of 2021 athlete Daterris Lee (LB).

A year ago, it was the defensive line that came up huge for the Bucks. Expect much of that once again.

Class of 2019 standouts Jacques Cineus (DE), Javon Denis, Douglas transfer Miles Dickens (DE), Brandon Dorlus (DE), Jamarius Landers (DE) and Jamar Vassar (DE) all have experience and are solid.

Class of 2020 future prospects Tavian Edmund and Gregory Phillips are joined by Class of 2021 prospect Travis Gammage.


Nobody around Deerfield Beach will hide the fact the Bucks were not a consistent offensive football team last year, but things definitely will change this season.

Two quarterbacks to run the show - with Class of Tyron Herring (2019) and Piper transfer Derohn King (2020).

Big time Class of 2020 standout Jaylan Knighton will be joined by Jerome Neal (2019) and Jazius Patterson (2021) at the running back spot.

The difference - without hesitation - will be up front. The Bucks have had plenty of size in the past, but now they have been infused by athleticism as well.

Leading the way will be Class of 2019 athletes Jordan Bostic (C), Robert Boyd (T), Douglas Marshall (T) and Reginald Taylor (G).

Class of 2020 future standouts include South Plantation transfer Mykel Alvin (G), impressive Dorian Bennett (G), Nicholas Glenn (G), Woody Jean (T) and Kenny McGill (G) - as well as Class of Aaron Hicks, a Class of 2021 tackle.

Much has been said about the gifted receivers the Bucks have assembled - and from watching them play and practice, when this group matures - watch out!

As the future is very bright, the present is also in great hands with Class of 2019 standouts Billy Alceus, heavily recruited Donte Banton and Dashaun Davis.

If there is a better Class of 2020 unit anywhere in the country - very few people have seen it. In fact to have a group of pass catchers this impressive is nearly impossible to find.

That class spotlights Fred Eaford, Bryce Gowdy, Aydin Henningham, Desjaun McDougle and Raphael Williams - as well as ushers in Class of 2021 future difference makers Michael Barnes and Joseph Kennerly.

The Bucks also feature Class of 2019 kicker Ledin Rivera.

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