SUMMER SPOTLIGHT: North Miami Building On Its Success

Larry Blustein
May 29, 2018 - 11:30 am

Larry Blustein

North Miami’s football program will never be confused with a powerhouse, but the Pioneers showed last season that if you continue to get talented athletes, you can win.

As he heads into his second season as head coach, Pat Colon is more comfortable with the program, but has always warned that no matter where you go in South Florida, you won’t win without hard work.

Coming off a district title and a No. 4 seed in the playoffs, Colon and North Miami have been making huge strides, despite losing their first and second team quarterbacks to Northwestern and Edison respectively, the Pioneers have reached a point where the talent is indeed in place to compete.

What the Pioneers have been able to do is stay one step ahead of the district, which is fairly even from top to bottom.

With North Miami Beach, Dr. Krop, Hialeah, American and Hialeah Gardens, if the Pioneers stay healthy and perhaps get a few more prospects to step up before the season starts in late August, a second district title is well within reach.

“If we stay healthy, I am sure we have the talent to play with everyone on our schedule,” Colon said. “We were very pleased by the spring – and at the end of the day – that is what will help us prepare for the season ahead. You cannot dwell on what you do not have.”


With last year’s starting quarterback and backup moving on, the Pioneers look to talented Class of 2020 standout James Herard, who has already shown that he has what it takes to lead the Pioneers.

With the addition of standout Class of 2021 running back Kelly Loiseau, who will be playing in the fall, the Pioneers are solid. Add in Class of 2020 standout RayJae Grant and things get very interesting.

The Pioneers, coming off that district title last season, also believe that the receiving corps that Coach Colon and his staff have put together are indeed impressive.

Class of 2019 standouts Ronald Fanfan, Makenlove Petit-Fard, Jonathan Jean, Jean Dieuvil, Shawn Guerrier, Valerie Louissaint, Otelbert Pierre Jr. and heavily recruited Richard Sam have been amazing.

Class of 2020 quality pass catchers Ebelson Raphael and Reech Daniel are the next prospects to keep an eye on.

The Pioneers are still building up from - with Class of 2019 leaders Pierre Arney, Yvesnick Felix and Samuel Cherubin (C) - as well as Class of 2020 prospects Warren Hayling, Richie Volmar, Ali Makabu and Brown Lalane. There is also Class of 2021 prospect Okino King.


The one thing that really improved last season for the Pioneers was the play of the defensive unit.

This year, there is plenty of talent up front - with rising seniors Samuel Cherubin (DE), Matthew Dadaille (DE), Darius Gaiter (DE), Curtis Hines (DE), and Gregory Pierre Louis.

Class of 2020 standouts Christopher Joseph (DE), Clarouly Meca (DE) and Willie Raoul are impressive. So is Class of 2021 rising standout Jaheem Heath.

The linebackers will also be a place to look in 2018 for the Pioneers - with Class of 2021 standouts Amahri McCray, Chamon Metayer and Milton Brice - as well as rising juniors Johnson Augustin and Nickerson Marcelus. There is also rising senior Rick Daniel.

There are also Samore Felder and Ruben Dorvil.

The secondary, another area that improved last season, will once again be a quality position to watch.

Rising seniors Marquis Braddock (S), Ritch Noel (CB) and cornerback Elijah Deravil are solid. So are Class of 2020, rising juniors Fabrice Dorsanvil, McGrew Fortune (CB), Isaiah Lorfils (CB) and Marco Lorquette - and free safety Bitoven Lorquette. 

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