FRIDAY FOCUS: College Coaches Earning Their Stripes This Spring

Larry Blustein
May 18, 2018 - 12:14 pm

Larry Blustein

Bill Miller has been at it a long time. So has David Kelly, but both college coaches have been spending their share of time in South Florida the past two weeks – recruiting the finest football players in the country.

Because Miller (Kansas) and Kelly (FSU) have recruited South Florida for decades – with other schools – both understand that coming into this area is tough enough – without battling the elements.

Like a caravan headed in the same direction, college coaches attended practices the past few weeks, watching and evaluating – and handing out offers as well.

As the weather is indeed something to worry about this time of year – many seem to forget that this happens every May – but credit the college coaches who know what to expect. The weather often dictates how many schools they will visit in one day – as they are limited on the visits they can actually make.

This has been a spring where schools such as Appalachian State, Nebraska, Old Dominion, Kansas State, UNLV and Miller’s Jayhawks are looking to gain some ground – with several others coaches that are experiencing spring football in the #305, #954 and the #561 for the first time.

Also, you have those programs that have been coming here for decades. Schools such as Pittsburgh, Louisville, Georgia Tech, UAB, Boston College, Syracuse, Miami, Florida, Central Florida, South Florida, FAU, FIU, Bethune Cookman and FAMU among dozens and dozens of others. Even the Ivy League programs have been headed south.

On the overall, athletes and college have it so great these days – with everything that is available to them. When the “old-timers” talk about how tough they were back in the day – and this and that….it’s tough to listen.

Having gone through the generation of using pay phones (having $5 change in your pocket), tape recorders (I mean real tape that is recorded on) and actually taking a photo with a camera that doesn’t double as your main contact.

As we head into our 48th year of high school football coverage, it’s always been about the kids. From promotion to rankings, evaluations and keeping up with the times, having trusting relationships with athletes and coaches – has been the most important part of the journey.

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