FUTURE FISH: The ‘Hot Corner” Still Needs Quality Prospects

Larry Blustein
May 17, 2018 - 12:58 pm

Larry Blustein

While the Miami Marlins may have struck gold in the Major League Draft over the years at several positions, third base has not been one of them.

The Marlins took a pair of first round selections - using the 12th pick in the 2007 draft to choose Matt Dominguez and then using the No. 6 selection in 2013 to take Colin Moran.

Trades and believing that the prospects selected didn’t fit the organization is something that will need to be addressed in the upcoming draft, but we have a few weeks to dissect who they should take - and who this new regime may want to stay clear of.

Through the years, the third base position has had its success with free agents, which is something that holds true today.

Despite selecting Brian Anderson in the third round of the 2014 draft from Arkansas, the Marlins have relied on talent from other places - which often came with a high price tag.


Besides veteran Martin Prado, the Fish have Anderson who has already shown he can hit - and while he is playing the outfield right now and doing well, his return to third base will come. But it depends what they have coming up and what they draft over the next few years.

In their farm system right now, there is 31-year-old Eric Campbell at Triple A New Orleans (20-19). He is also a first baseman.

At AA Jacksonville (16-23), there is prospect Brian Schales, who we had the chance to watch two years ago in Jupiter.

He is a potential 20 plus homer guy and plays solid defense. The good thing is he is just 22, which sets him up to compete next spring.

When we have talked about prospects for the future, Jupiter (Florida State League - A) is the place to go. The Hammerheads are loaded - and as we have been fortunate to watch them a number of times so far this year - prospects such as former second rounder (2014) Justin Twine, and former Astros’ standout Rodrigo Ayarza, have been doing a solid job for this first place (25-14) team.

In Greensboro, where the Grasshoppers have gotten off to a 16-19 start, former 19th round (2017) pick Micah Brown and 15th round (2016) selection James Nelson, who has been injured.


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