Hoch And Crowder: ESPN's Jeff Darlington Drops Knowledge

He says the Dolphins are unlikely to ever strike a long term deal with Landry.

Alex Donno
February 21, 2018 - 6:52 pm

Jarvis Landry has been the talk of the town today. The Miami Dolphins placed the franchise tag on the 25 year old receiver on Tuesday - the first day they were allowed to do so. 

Now, opinions are mixed as to what this really means for Landry's future in aqua and orange. ESPN's Jeff Darlington joined the Hochman and Crowder show to navigate the details. 

"When you drop the [franchise tag] on the first day, that's a clear and transparent message you are sending to the player: we are not going to pay you the big, long-term contract you are waiting for," said Darlington. "Now that you are franchised, you are our property and you will either a) take a smaller (long term) deal or b).... there is no B."

So, why do the Dolphins have an attitude like this about the player who led the team in touchdown catches last season (9) and led the team in receptions for the past four seasons?

"They don't want him as a number one paid wide receiver, I can tell you that," Darlington said. "I can also tell you there is concern about his antics."

Here's the part that could really concern Dolphins fans in the long run. 

"Now we are at a point where you are never going to strike a long term deal with the player."

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