Coronavirus reminds MLB and the Marlins that it is still out there and it doesn’t care if you’re hitting monster dongs

Hochman & Crowder
July 27, 2020 - 8:21 pm

Photo credit © James Lang | 2020 Jul 26


Three days into the Marlins season and a coronavirus outbreak has already impacted the organization and Major League Baseball.

Miami’s scheduled home opener on Monday vs Baltimore was postponed, along with the Phillies and Yankees game scheduled for the same day. The news to postpone both games comes after reports that up to 14 people in the Marlins traveling party tested positive for Covid-19 including four players which had already tested positive ahead of Sunday’s victory in Philadelphia.

Major League Baseball released a statement regarding Monday’s news:

Here’s the official statement from MLB on the postponement of the Marlins home opener tonight and the Yankees-Phillies game due to Covid-19 outbreak within Marlins.

— Will Manso (@WillMansoWPLG) July 27, 2020

Today on the Hoch and Crowder show, board certified internist and former team doctor for FAU athletics Dr. Chuck Metzger detailed why he is unsure if Major League Baseball will be able to finish their schedule as planned.

“All it takes is something like this, conceivably almost everyone on both sides could have been exposed,” said Dr. Metzger. “It will probably lead to other changes and how they go about their protocols because they’ll learn from it but it is concerning.”

For more from Dr. Chuck Metzger on how MLB is testing players and his estimation on MLB’s season, listen below:

This big of a road block so early into a shortened 60-game MLB season already has several thinking the league’s experiment won’t last through October. However, many are hopeful that this is just a small blip that can be corrected.

ESPN radio host Marc Silverman, or Silvy, explained why he is hopeful MLB will be able to turn this situation around for the better and get through the season.

“I’m not in doomsday mode yet,” claimed Silverman who is hoping the virus spread can be controlled.

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