Mike Francesa: Coronavirus Blame Game 'Has Got to Stop'

Mike's On
April 04, 2020 - 1:48 pm

Mike's On host Mike Francesa opened a Saturday installment of his talk show with a plea for national unity in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

"America is supposed to be about action," Francesa said. "When something happens, when we have a crisis -- an act of god, an earthquake or a hurricane -- we attack the problem. After 9/11 we all pulled together. This country was heroic. We were all one.

"Right now we are at each other's throats trying to blame everybody for what happened. ... It's got to stop! It has to stop."

Those matters can wait until after the pandemic is under control, Mike said.

"We can have those stupid in-fights when we decide a presidential campaign in the fall, after we are back to being America again, after we've gone back to work and after we don't have bodies lined up outside every hospital in this country.

"It's April 4. Two weeks -- we all pull together, no politics -- and we try to get this thing somehow pushed in the right direction. And let every factory, every possible laboratory that can produce a test, produce it. Let's get people tested.

The New York sports talk legend closed with a call to action for Americans concerned about the future.

"But if you're like me and you think that it is spinning completely out of control, and you are worried, worried sick about what you're looking at, please do something about it today.

"You know what? Vox populi - the voice of the people matters. Nothing is as strong as the voice of the people when the voice of the people is real and it's unified. And you know what? This is our country. This is our government. Not anybody else's. We have to be a voice. There are times when we have to be a voice. And we need to tell people that they need to get a national plan, and now."