NBC’s Mike Milbury Announces He Won’t Appear on Any More NHL Broadcasts This Postseason

Jesse Pantuosco
August 22, 2020 - 7:04 pm

Mike Milbury made on-air comments many perceived as misogynistic during Thursday night’s Islanders/Capitals game on NBC Sports, prompting a stern response from the NHL, which condemned the broadcaster’s words as “insensitive” and “insulting.” Milbury later apologized for his lapse in judgment, calling it “a regrettable mistake.” That apology did little to put out the fire as enraged hockey fans on social media continued to fume over Milbury’s demeaning remarks. With no end in sight to the controversy, the former NHL defenseman announced Saturday he would not appear on any more NBC broadcasts during the 2020 postseason.

“In light of the attention caused by my recent remark, I have decided to step away from my role at NBC Sports for the remainder of the Stanley Cup Playoffs,” Milbury said in a statement released by NBC Sports’ PR department. “I do not want my presence to interfere with the athletes as they try to win the greatest trophy in sports.” Milbury framed his hiatus from the broadcast chair as voluntary, though his notable absence from the booth Friday night suggested he was already facing discipline from NBC.

It’s been a brutal week for announcers across the sports landscape with Thom Brennaman’s fall from grace in Cincinnati (Fox dropped him from the network’s NFL broadcasts following his use of a gay slur) and now Milbury’s abrupt departure from NBC’s playoff coverage.

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