NFL Rumors: Did an Internet Sleuth Uncover The 'Sentinels' as Washington's New Team Name?

Jordan Cohn
July 22, 2020 - 1:20 pm

Reddit, you (may) have done it again.

The same website that discovered the correlation between James Harden's production in a given city and that city's strip club quality, among many other discoveries, may have uncovered a more important, more practical piece of news. There's a ton of speculation involved, and this "discovery" should be taken with a grain of salt or two, but it seems to be something.

Reddit user staticrush did some deep diving on popular name candidates for the Washington NFL team, including the Warriors, Redtails, Renegades and others, but found that only one of the names he researched was registered to the service (MarkMonitor) that all NFL teams use for their domains: the Sentinels.

The website,, doesn't appear to hold anything right now. In fact, when I search it in my browser, the screen goes to a "no internet" page. Rest assured, I do have internet.

Staticrush says that MarkMonitor registered the URL on July 15, 2020, during the heart of discussions revolving around the team's new name. The Sentinels is also a name that miraculously wasn't trademarked by Martin McCauley, who has become a recognizable name due to his "trademark squatting" ways.

Don't worry -- you're not the only one who drew the connection to The Replacements. The Washington Sentinels was the name of the football team in the 2000 film starting Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman. This domain, it's worth noting, is DC Sentinels, however.

But the Sentinels were not only a team in a fictional universe. Staticrush mentions that he found that the Sentinels were also a potential name for the D.C. Defenders in the XFL, before they ultimately decided on Defenders.

The Sports Junkies of 106.7 The Fan, the RADIO.COM Sports Washington, D.C. affiliate, weren't all too thrilled or sold on the name (watch video above).

"It's an awful name," co-host John Auville said in the extended discussion on the topic. "I'm just going to go on record, and I'm sure I'll be wrong... there's no chance they're going to be called the 'D.C. Sentinels.' Zero!"

ESPN's John Keim shares that sentiment.

Time will tell if Auville, Keim and co. are right. One thing's for sure: it would be exponentially better than the old one.

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