Ranking MLB Teams by Greatest All-Time Position Player Teammate Duos

Jordan Cohn
July 09, 2020 - 10:50 am

Mike Trout is a perfect example of why one superstar, alone, can't always bring overall team success.

He's almost indisputably the best player in baseball and has been ever since he made his debut back in 2011. He has a Rookie of the Year award and three MVP awards, and he's come in second in MVP voting a whopping four times. He's an amazing contact hitter, a power hitter, a baserunner, a fielder, a leader, a no-doubt future Hall of Famer... he's everything you could ever ask for in a player.

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The Angels have not won a single playoff game since Mike Trout joined the team.

That's why the presence of a formidable teammate, of a dynamic duo in a lineup is so, so important in baseball. Perhaps with Anthony Rendon at his side and with a shortened season ahead of them, Trout's Angels are due to finally break out of their drought.

Every team, at some point in its history, has boasted a duo of superstars that have helped propel the club to otherwise unattained success. But some teams have been able to reap the benefits of a duo for a longer time, or to a larger extent, than others.

So, I went ahead and power ranked every Major League Baseball team's best duo of position player teammates in history. I based it on a few things: overall statistical production, team success, legacy and camaraderie, the time spent together as teammates, and some other factors. Total WAR was the basis for statistical production, to account not only for offense but for their overall team impact, but I tried not to choose a pair of teammates whose total WAR accumulation was 90% due to one player. Mike Trout would be the perfect example of that... I could have gone with him and, say, Albert Pujols in Los Angeles, but, quite frankly, Pujols hasn't been all that great in his time as an Angel. 86% of his career WAR comes with the Cardinals.

Obviously, there's a degree of subjectivity here. Some people will be mad that a certain duo of sluggers didn't make the cut on the West Coast, while some will be angry that I left off one of the game's unanimously renowned greats in favor of a more modern duo. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm not. Let me know on Twitter (@jordancohn2) if you feel I chose the wrong duo of teammates or if you disagree with the order of the list!

Without further ado, read on to find out where your team ranks on this nostalgia-filled list.

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