Report: Minority Owners ‘Pressuring’ Dan Snyder to Sell Washington Football Team

Jesse Pantuosco
August 13, 2020 - 10:09 pm

The past year, and in particular the past few months, have brought sweeping changes to the Washington football landscape. In that span, the team has hired a new head coach, scrapped its racist moniker at the urging of corporate sponsors, endured further ridicule following damning sexual harassment claims (the Washington Post exposed the sordid scandal in painstaking detail), then cut its star running back following his arrest on domestic violence-related charges. Also, they got new uniforms.

Washington’s summer-long facelift may not be over yet with Andrew Beaton and Cara Lomardo of the Wall Street Journal reporting Thursday that the team’s minority owners are “pressuring” Dan Snyder to sell his majority stake in the team. As toxic as owners come, Snyder has held a controlling interest in the franchise since 1999. Despite months (edit: years) of weathering PR Hell, the stubborn 55-year-old reportedly has no plans to step aside. Minority owners have been trying to sell their own stakes in the team, but with Snyder not budging, that’s proven difficult. It's getting ugly with Snyder recently alleging in court that minority owner Dwight Schar has tried to sully his name by encouraging former and current Washington employees to come forward with allegations against him.

Though rare, it’s not unprecedented for owners to be pushed out. NBA commissioner Adam Silver facilitated the Clippers’ eventual sale to Steve Ballmer in 2014 by banning Donald Sterling for life while Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was forced to step down following claims of past racism, sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior. Snyder’s time atop Washington’s chain of command may be running short, but from the looks of it, he won’t be going quietly.

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