In unprecedented move of transparency, Dan Snyder joins Twitter

Chris Lingebach
August 25, 2020 - 6:45 pm

Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder is something of a recluse, someone who's notorious for rarely granting public interviews and who even more rarely offers himself up for public speaking.

Both are understandable. Weird things come out of his mouth when he does speak publicly, like when he wished everyone a "Happy Thanksgiving" after hiring Ron Rivera, in January.

While Snyder's personal aversion to public speaking is normal for him, it's not the norm for team owners, generally. Across American sports, many realize they can engender public trust with their respective fanbases by putting their own personal touch on their organizations. Right here in D.C., Ted Leonsis has been widely adored for years, even before bringing the Stanley Cup to the nation's capital, in large part because he's always out front, making himself publicly available (and because he's not Dan Snyder).

That's not who Snyder is. At all.

Which is why it was so shocking to see Snyder, the least transparent owner in town, take such a bold step towards transparency by joining Twitter late Monday evening, leaving many befuddled by such an uncharacteristic move.

Snyder has yet to compose a tweet; he's merely joined the platform. Or if he has, only four people can see them because his account is protected.

Imagine being one of the lucky chosen four allowed to follow him. What if he's tweeting up a storm? If his timeline's were just a bevy of But That's None Of My Business and This Is Fine memes.

This single, uncharacteristic action has everyone feeling a little weird. No one quite knows how to react, but that reaction justifies how weird it is.

Maybe he'll leave us hanging forever and just never tweet (something we should all consider doing). Maybe he'll break the door down with a barrage of PR-crafted public statements. Whatever happens, 2020 will be remembered as the year Dan Snyder tried to do something human, by acting like a robot online like the rest of us.