SPRING SPOTLIGHT: Belen Jesuit Working Toward Another District Title

Larry Blustein
May 22, 2018 - 11:41 am

Larry Blustein

While Eddie Delgado’s first year as head coach at Belen Jesuit brought a 6-4 record and a district title, you get the feeling that 2018 will be even better.

With non-district losses coming to Monsignor Pace, rival Columbus and Gulliver, Delgado and the Wolverines will be after more than just a playoff appearance this coming season.

Stacked with a number of returning players – and some new faces – expect this team to accomplish some lofty goals.

Averaging over 40 points per game within the district, Belen Jesuit is anxious to get things going.


There is no mistaking that Class of 2020 standout running back Don Chaney, Jr. is among the best in the country – and this impressive running back will lead a very deep position in 2018.

Fellow Class of 2020 standouts Francisco Aguero and Ralph Desantis are joined by Class of 2021 prospects Ryan Bertran and Hayden Puente.

Rising seniors Daniel Esteban, Ethan Ramirez and Rafael Ruiz.

The quarterback depth is also as impressive with very young athletes Julian Bueres (2020), Dorian Gonzalez (2021) and future Class of 2022 standouts Eduardo Durand and Fernando Mendoza.

The group of receivers will also be very young – with Class of 2020 performers Nathaniel Payne, Nick Broucek, Sebastian Alonso and 2021 tight end Wadih Pazos.

If the offense is going to be consistent, the line will have to step up.

Rising seniors Christopher Maza (C), Stefano Pinto (T), Benjamin Puente (T), Chris Menendez (G), JD Perez (G) and Albert Arazoza (C) will provide plenty of experience and leadership.

The depth at the position continues with Class of 2020 big men Frank Paredes (T), Nick Oyarzun (G) and Victor Rivera (G), Class of 2021 athletes Eddie Delgado (C) and Pablo Carreño (T), and Class of 2022 future prospect Ian Johnson (G).


Unlike the offense, which is stacked with younger players, the defense will be more experienced – with several returning players.

Up front, the Wolverines will have Class of 2019 performers 2019 – Matthew Moreno (DE) and Rafael Ruiz, Class of 2020 rising standouts Nick Fernandez and Mark Trapp. 

There are also future Class of 2021 players Brandon Deeb and versatile Wadih Pazos.

The defense will also be in great hands with Class of 2019 linebackers Nicolas Patricios and Aramis Castano (MLB) – as well as Joshua Sloan (2020 - MLB) and Jacob Lazo (2021).

The 2018 Wolverines will also boast a defensive secondary that has every class represented.

Class of 2019 rising seniors Nate Payne and Ethan Ramirez lead the way – with Class of 2020 prospects Sean Luc Beaubien and Nicolas Gonzalez.

The Future for Belen Jesuit is indeed bright with Class of 2021 athletes Nick Canino, Nikolas Mora, Alex Fernandez, Alex Ortiz and Isaiah Fuller.

The kicking tradition remains alive with Class of 2020 specialist Breton Rice.

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