SUMMER SPOTLIGHT: Football Recruiting Continues To Change Each Year

Larry Blustein
July 10, 2018 - 12:53 pm

Larry Blustein

Through the years, there is no getting around the changes that have been made in recruiting.

With more contact and exposure than ever before, college coaches from all over the country are getting a chance to watch athletes at just about every event – without ever leaving their office.

With hundreds and hundreds of media, recruiting services and fans recording just about everything and anything, colleges have a much better read on the recruits - year round.

While spring is the best time of year to see prospects live, the rest of the year is a time when keeping in touch is important. But how important is that information and how much is too much?

“Fine line when it comes to recruiting and how much correspondence is too much,” Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services explained. “You have to understand that you are not the only recruit that a college is dealing with.”

There are so many things that the average mom and dad does not know when it comes to recruiting. Even athletes, as much as they have been around it, still do not get the exposure part of this.

What happens during the process – from the time the athlete gets into high school – is each year, everyone is evaluated. Even if you were rated higher as a freshman, does not automatically signal that the same will hold true the follow year – or the years after that.

“You grow, you don’t grow; you get stronger, you don’t get stronger,” Dana Wiley of Prep Films South Florida said. “There are so many factors in this evaluation process that can change so much very quick.”


For the Class of 2022 incoming freshmen, and those 2021 sophomores who may not have had film last season, here are a few things to remember when promoting yourself – via social media, and most importantly, correspondence with coaches.

First of all, before you start mass e-mailing every school in the country, which is a waste of time, and not productive in this process, narrow down the schools that you REALLY believe you fit in as a student/athlete.

In a world where we all think we are better than we really, which is nice, but in recruiting will hurt you. Target schools that you have no chance of really seeing any playing time – just because it’s Alabama or Clemson or Ohio State – and you will not get your college paid for. No lie!

Once you select a school that you like and is a fit, then send a short note of introduction with your first video.

After decades and decades of watching this process unfold, sending out videos – or now video links – should be done five weeks into the regular season, at the end of the season, and finally after spring is complete. THAT IS IT! Do it any more – unless requested by a college coach – is becoming a pest and more than likely, you will NOT get your college paid for.

With two National Signing Days now taking place, you should have a very good idea after the first Wednesday of February, just where you stand. Please do not hang on promises. That will leave you, your coaches and family disappointed and upset.

Take control of your recruitment and know exactly when to move on. After February, you have smaller schools looking for help – especially here in south Florida. Blow the D2, D3 and NAIA schools off and you will be sitting home telling stories.

For those of you getting into this recruiting game for the first time, when someone wants to help you, get their name and ask a few people about them. NOBODY WILL DO ANYTHING FOR NOTHING. “Buyer Beware!”

As we have for 48 years, we will always be here to help during these tough times. We are the ones over the past 10 years that have helped over 400 athletes get financial assistance after NSD  

While we promote those 3,4 and 5 star athletes, our priority is with those who nobody has a clue about, and that’s what makes recruiting so much fun.

Good luck and listen to some of what we tell you. It will have a much better ending.

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