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08-06-18 The Alex Donno Show: Dolphins, Hurricanes, Dad Bods,and Food

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The Alex Donno Show
August 06, 2018 - 9:56 pm

In the 1st hour of the show:



In the 2nd hour of the show:

  • We talk about the Miami Hurricanes and Mark Pope, a Canes Receiver
  • Urban Meyer and the rallies for him today
  • Breaking News!! Dolphins signed Jermey Langford


In the 3rd hour of the show:

  • Tito joins the show to defend himself about his version of breaking news
  • We debate Chicago vs New York Style pizza
  • Donno's Top 3 Weekend Observations
  • We talk Ray Lewis

In the 4th hour of the show:

  • We talk about Frank Gore
  • Are dad bods in?
  • Donno's Clickbait