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Alex Donno Show: Malik Rosier Needs To Address His Own Urgency

The Alex Donno Show
March 21, 2018 - 12:33 pm

By Tito Benach

With the first day of spring practice in the books for the Miami Hurricanes, Senior quarterback Malik Rosier was ready to face the audience with the expected quarterback battle set to take place during both Spring and Fall.

The Mobile, Alabama native addressed the media on Monday to discuss the competition, along with his feelings after a disappointing end to a great 2017 season.

Rosier said during the offseason Miami Head coach Mark Richt told him he needed to improve on both his accuracy and completion rate, as well as his urgency. “There were a couple times where my energy level wasn’t up and it affects the guys in the huddle.” Rosier said. 

Alex Donno reacted to Rosier's comments Monday night on WQAM. 

Donno said urgency was one of the main issues that stood out to him in 2017 from Rosier, calling back to the Pittsburgh game where Malik was subbed out late due to Richt feeling he wasn’t composed or energized. 

“Malik Rosier kind of put himself in this position last season because his honesty gave him a little bit of a hit with the fans when he played his worst game of the year against Pittsburgh when he got benched,” Donno said. 

“Rosier admitted after that game ‘I wasn’t mentally up, I didn’t have enough urgency’ and when you say that on one hand I appreciate your honesty, but on the other hand a collegiate quarterback for an undefeated team with a chance to get into the college football playoff,you’re telling me your urgency isn’t at 180% for that game?” Donno said. “That makes me scratch my head at how a quarterback at ‘The U’ can go into any game without good urgency.”

Rosier wasn’t shy about how he felt the season ended with the Hurricanes dropping 3 straight games either.

“That’s not how we wanted to end it,” Rosier said. “The big thing is just putting it behind us. The coaches harp on us that we didn’t end the year right, so it kind of pisses me off that the last three games were losses.” 

“If we don’t come in and dominate the ACC something is wrong,” Rosier said. 

Donno says that he appreciates Rosier’s confident outlook on the Hurricanes program because it took 12 years since Miami joined the ACC to finally reach the Conference Championship game. With Richt entering his 3rd year at Miami and a lot of talent returning on both sides, Donno says it’s time to change the mindset from winning the coastal division to becoming the best in the ACC. 

“Now that Miami has opened that floodgate and I expect the Hurricanes to be the favorite of that division every year, it’s time to shift our focus to being the class of the ACC and not just the class of the coastal.” Donno said. 

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