Alex Donno Show: Canes, New Uniforms & The Death of Mayo

Alex Donno
August 20, 2018 - 10:14 pm

On Today's Donno Show

In the 1st Hour, We discuss: 

-We talk Canes AP Poll Rankings

-Ira Winderman joins the show to talk about his favorite delusional fanbases and the latest with the Miami Heat.

In the 2nd Hour, We discuss: 

-Donno talks about the precarious situation of trying to be honest with a significant other

-Clay Ferarro of WPLG joins the show to talk about the Hurricanes and their preseason ranking, the Miami Dolphins and why he thinks Mayonaise is awful.

- We do the 2nd trivia question and talk about Donno feeding his child baby food and how he hates it.

In the 3rd Hour, We discuss: 

-Donno does his Top 3 most delusional fanbases.

-Donno talks about how FIU fans are just actually UM fans and how they would root for UM if they were in a big game.

-Donno discusses the new UM uniforms and how the special part of it is they are 70% re-used plastic.

In the 4th Hour, We Discuss: 

- We talk about nice uniform combos and why Tito thinks the new UM uniforms look tacky.

- Donno does a ClickBait segment