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Alex Donno Show: Jaquan Johnson, Giancarlo Stanton & Party Animals

Alex Donno
August 21, 2018 - 9:59 pm

On Tuesday's Alex Donno Show: 

In the 1st Hour, We Discuss:

-Donno discusses Jaquan Johnson making the All American list and how important he is to the Canes defense.

-We do the Donno Fantasy Trivia League question, We also talk about over zealous fantasy guys and why they suck

-We talk with ESPN Dolphins Beat Writer Cameron Wolfe and his thoughts prior to the Dolphins Ravens preseason game.

In the 2nd Hour, We Discuss: ​

-Donno does his Top 3 Sports Athletes returns

-Donno takes callers on the Canes.

-Donno & Tito discuss LSU and while he’s still nervous about the LSU.

In the 3rd Hour, We Discuss:

- We discuss the possibility of a Candy Bar draft.

- Donno does his Top 3 Candy Bars and releases his Top 3 Sports Party Animals

-We talk with InsideTheU Canes Reporter Andrew Ivins about the Hurricanes getting ready for LSU and the new Indoor Practice Facility.​

In the 4th Hour, We Discuss:

- We discuss what would be good seasons for both Canes & Dolphins

- Donno does ClickBait