Jasen Vinlove

Alex Donno Show:Dolphins, Canes and Donuts

Alex Donno
September 25, 2018 - 10:22 pm

In the 1st Hour of the Show, We Discuss:

-Donno discusses the QB situation with UM between Malik Rosier and N’Kosi Perry and how he feels Perry should be the guy moving forward.

-Donno takes callers

-Donno talks with new Sun Sentinel Miami Dolphins writer Safid Deen about the team’s 3-0 start as well as their trip to New England.

In the 2nd Hour of the Show, We Discuss:

- Donno discusses his situation as his Identity was stolen and how he asks if you could switch lives with any athlete who would it be?

-We talk to Miami Hurricanes Reporter Manny Navarro from The Athletic about the UM QB Battle as well as their upcoming matchup with UNC.

-We continue discussing who’s athlete’s lives would we want to have, Donno says no one would recognize Greg Camarrilo in a bar.

In the 3rd Hour of the Show, We Discuss:

- Donno continues to discuss who’s life he’d want to switch with.

- Donno does his Top 3 on things he was wrong about with this year.

- Donno begins discussing how he would choose free Chick-Fil-A for life over the Dolphins winning a Super-Bowl.

In the 4th Hour of the Show, We Discuss:

-Donno discusses how he’s not a fan of crème filled donuts and he also dips his donuts into coffee.

-Donno reads an Armando Salguero column where he thinks the Patriots are taking a massive risk with Josh Gordon.