Whiteside Game 1

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Big O Rips Into "Bum-Ass" Hassan Whiteside

Alex Donno
April 16, 2018 - 4:04 pm

Two points and twelve minutes is all the Miami Heat got from a disinterested Hassan Whiteside in their game one loss at the Philadelphia 76ers. 

He'll need to bounce back in game two and beyond if the Heat have any chance of advancing. If you ask "Big O" Orlando Alzugaray, it's no longer the responsibility of teammates and coaches to find a way to motivate the Heat's $98 million dollar man. 

"​If we have to have these stupid ass conversations about Hassan after every game.. screw that," said a frustrated Alzugaray. "I am damn sure the Heat has tried everything to reach this man." 

While Whiteside is clearly frustrated about sitting on the bench late in games, Erik Spoelstra has reason to keep him on the pine late when his effort is so poor from the opening tip. He's not earning the right to take minutes away from Kelly Olynyk and Bam Adebayo. 

So why is it that the "Heat culture," which is so known for bringing out the best in every player who puts on the uniform, cannot bring out the best in Hassan Whiteside?

"They reach every player on that roster," Alzugaray noted. "They've reached every player for 15 years. Why do you think there is an outlier? BECAUSE HE IS BUM-ASS WHITESIDE!"  

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