Big O Show: Say Adios To Landry

Big O says the odds are very slim for Landry to return.

Alex Donno
February 21, 2018 - 2:41 pm

The Miami Dolphins have placed the franchise tag on wide receiver Jarvis Landry. This should make you feel fairly certain he remains a Dolphin in 2018, right? 

Nope! Not according to Orlando "Big O" Alzugaray.

"Some of you out there are happy that this happened, because you think Landry will stay here long term," Alzugaray said. "What if I tell you I don't think he is? What if I tell you I think this is just a precursor for a trade. I think it's a slim shot that he stays here for a long term contract. In fact, I think it's less than one percent."

So, maybe we should start mentally preparing for Landry's exit. Here's hoping the Dolphins get something good for him in a trade. Big O weighed in on what Miami can expect in return for their leading receiver.

"I'm assuming it's a second rounder. Maybe there's a team out there that's stupid enough to give them a first rounder. I don't think so."

If you're still wondering what this all means, Big O laid it right out on Front Street. 

"I think Jarvis is gone. I don't think Jarvis plays another down with the Miami Dolphins."

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