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Dolphins Leaning To Kris Richard?

Alex Donno
January 09, 2019 - 9:36 pm

The Miami Dolphins are yet to announce their new head coach, but reports say they may be zeroing in on a certain candidate. 

Richard is the defensive backs coach and play-caller for the Dallas Cowboys. He previously coached for the Seahawks and is credited to being instrumental in the formation of the "legion of boom" defense. Although Richard has no head coaching experience in the NFL, he's very highly regarded by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. 

After the Cowboys defeated the Seahawks in the wild card round, Jones joked he would tie Richard up to keep him from leaving Dallas. 

The Dolphins coaching search has so far included Richard, Kansas City's Eric Bieniemy, New England's Brian Flores, and New Orleans' Dennis Allen. Plus, the team plans to interview current special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi late in the week. One has to wonder if Rizzi will get full consideration for the head coaching job if Stephen Ross and Chris Grier are already leaning to Richard. 

If Richard does indeed get the job, the Dolphins cannot announce the hire until the Cowboys are elminated from the playoffs (or win the Super Bowl.)