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Hoch And Crowder: The Tooth Fairy Must Hate Vincent Trocheck

Alex Donno
March 21, 2018 - 11:21 pm

Hockey players are renowned for their toughness and grit. A dozen grown men flying around the ice, weilding sticks, and launching a frozen puck 200 miles per hour can lead to a hazerdous work environment. 

All too often, it's the pearly whites that suffer. These same gladiators who are praised for their fighting spirit are rarely ever praised for their smile. 

Florida Panthers forward Vincent Trocheck joined the Hochman And Crowder Show on Wednesday to discuss ... teeth. 

"I don't want to exaggerate, but I've lost my front four teeth about 15 to 20 times," said Trocheck. 

It's an occupational hazard that hasn't slowed Trocheck down in recent seasons, even if he rotates through more front teeth than a great white shark. The former All Star (2017) leads the Panthers with 28 goals this season. 

The Panthers' push for the playoffs continues on Thursday night, when they skate with the Blue Jackets in Columbus. Faceoff is set for 7:00, and you can listen to the game on 560 WQAM. 

And listen to the full interview with Vincent Trocheck on the Hochman And Crowder Show Podcast.