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Jarvis Landry's Jabs At Ryan Tannehill Don't Paint An Honest Picture

Alex Donno
June 14, 2018 - 12:00 pm

My advice to Jarvis Landry is this: if you're going to take shots at your former quarterback, please paint an honest and accurate picture of who Ryan Tannehill is. 

Last week, Landry, now a Cleveland Brown, said the quarterback situation in Cleveland (Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mafield, and Drew Stanton) is "a lot better than when I had in Miami."

It's a petty thing to say, but he's entitled to that opinion. What he's not entitled to do is make stuff up.  

In an interview with Cleveland.com, Landry was raving about Tyrod Taylor's leadership, claiming Miami's quarterbacks never organized offseason workouts with their receivers. 

"As soon as I found out he was coming," Landry said of Taylor, "I texted him, 'let's do it'. Found out when he was coming up here, we all came up here for the press conference, we did the press conference, then we did the thing in Miami where we got everybody together and then we're back here. And we've got something else planned when we leave here right before training camp and stuff like that. I love it. 

"Again, I didn't do that in Miami with the quarterbacks because they didn't want to do it. I would say that the chemistry and the type of guys that I'm around here makes me that much more excited because I know I'm going to be pushed at all levels at all times."

I covered Ryan Tannehill and Jarvis Landry's entire run together in Miami and I can confidently tell you this is completely false. Every spring, before OTA's and minicamp begin, Tannehill organizes informal throwing sessions with his receivers to get a jump on the offseason program, build chemistry, and build rapport. He literally does the exact same thing Landry claims Tyron Taylor does, and Tannehill doesn't. 

So, what's really going on? Clearly, Landry is bothered by some personal things. 

He says he hasn't heard from Tannehill since the Dolphins traded him to Cleveland. "We didn't really have a good relationship anyway, so I'm not surprised," Landry said. 

Landry is an emotional guy. It's one of the things I really enjoyed about his tenure in Miami. At times, Dolphins players lacked a pulse in key situations in games, but Landry was always the guy who would get fired up after a big first down or get visibly livid when things weren't going well. He was the emotional spark plug for the Dolphins offense. It appears he's now directing some of those emotions at his former club. 

I can understand if he's upset with the Dolphins "brain trust" of VP Mike Tannenbaum, GM Chris Grier, head coach Adam Gase and owner Stephen Ross for not making a greater effort to sign him to the contract extension he wanted.

So far, he hasn't gone after the front office. He's only gone after the quarterback who helped him average an NFL best 100 catches per season over his four years in the NFL.