Jarvis Landry

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Joe Rose Show: Heat In Purgatory. Landry Out?

Alex Donno
February 26, 2018 - 11:58 am

Heat Reality Check

The Miami Heat are a fun, scrappy team. The Heat are fighting tooth and nail for a playoff spot, currently occupying the eight seed in a less-than-stellar Eastern Conference. 

When you use a word like "scrappy" to describe an NBA club, you probably aren't also using words like "elite" or "contender" to describe the same team. So, what's the ceiling for this 2018 version of the Miami Heat, and what does the future hold?

HoopsCritic.com's Brian Geltzeiler joined the Joe Rose Show on Monday Morning to break it down. 

"I hate to say this, guys, and it's not a kind word," Geltzeiler began. "They're kind of mediocre."

Mediocre is not where you want to be in today's NBA.

"Miami's gonna be in purgatory right now. You're an eight seed. You're gonna be the last team in and first team out (of the playoffs). You've just got to figure out a way to move to the top or move to the bottom. And I'm not sure they can move either way with this salary structure."

With that in mind, Geltzeiler doesn't have a problem with 36 year old Dwyane Wade taking the final shot in all of the close games. "I don't think it's absurd at all," he said. "There's very little wrong Erik Spoelstra can do. In this spot, I don't necessarily blame him in going that direction with Wade; seeing what he's still got and what he can bring. If it's not working, they're gonna have to go away from him. But, for the time being, I'm okay with it."

Check out the full interview with the Hoops Critic, where he also discussed LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard. 

Landry's Latest

Joe Rose and co-host Zach Krantz opined on the future of Jarvis Landry. Last week, the Miami Dolphins placed the franchise tag on Landry. If he's still a Phin next season, he'll be paid $16.2 Million. That's only if the Dolphins don't trade him first. 

"Everyone seems to think that (the Miami Dolphins) are going to try to trade Jarvis Landry," said Rose. "No matter what the Dolphins do, there's gonna be one guy who takes an amazing amount of heat, and that's (Team VP) Mike Tannenbaum."

According to Rose, Tannenbaum finds himself between a rock and a hard place. Trade Landry, and half the fan base wonders why you let this productive player get away. But if you keep him and pay him $16.2 million, the rest of your fans will complain about you over-paying a slot receiver. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. 

"I'm hearing fans worrying about the salary cap," noted Rose. "The only way to quiet your critics is to win."

"Jarvis Landry is the clear-cut most popular player on this team," Rose declared. 

You can listen to Joe and Zach's Jarvis Landry conversation on the podcast.