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Joe Rose Show: So Long, Suh

Alex Donno
March 13, 2018 - 1:23 pm

The Miami Dolphins are "blowing up" their roster in an effort to overhaul the locker room culture. The process began last season, when Miami sent pro bowl running back Jay Ajayi to Philadelphia in a trade. This offseason, they've already traded Jarvis Landry, and will reportedly release Ndamukong Suh on Wednesday. 

Suh is still an elite NFL defensive tackle, but letting him go will save Miami $17 Million under the salary cap. He's midway through a 6-year, $114 million dollar contract.

Is saying bye bye to Suh a good idea? Joe Rose and Zach Krantz discussed the situation Tuesday morning on The Joe Rose Show. 

"Those guys aren't Ndamukong so, and don't let anybody tell you they are," said Rose, of Vincent Taylor, Davon Godchaux and Jordan Phillips - Miami's other defensive tackles. Unless the Dolphins make a big free agent splash at the position, those three DT's will be called upon to fill the void left by the five-time Pro Bowler. 

Some fans will look for reasons to criticize Suh on his way out, but no one can question his durability. "He hasn't missed a game in his career yet," noted Krantz. "He's a durable dude, like Landry," Rose said. "They played a lot and you didn't have to hear about the injury bug with those guys."

"He brought a nasty to this team," said Krantz. "That's something the Dolphins didn't have for a long time."

On the negative side, Suh is not known as a leader of men. He has the reputation of a mercenary. To be fair, he's mentored young teammates in recent years, so perhaps his reputation is overblown. 

"His personality is not one of 'oh boy, let's go out and have a beer together," Rose said. "Ndamukong is about Ndamukong. 'I'm a hired gun who comes in to give your defense a little attitude and make some plays, and I'm not here to be anybody's friend.'"

"If you're looking for a team leader, he's not a team leader. That's a problem (for the Dolphins). They don't have those kind of guys."

Will the Dolphins regret letting Suh go? Listen to Joe and Zach discuss it on their podcast.