Odell Beckham

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Joe Rose Show: What Would Dolphins Fans Give Up For Odell Beckham Jr?

Alex Donno
March 30, 2018 - 10:30 am

"I'd give up two first round picks for Odell," said Zach Krantz on Friday's Joe Rose Show. 

Danny "Hollywood" Rabinowitz added: "You think you're gonna use one of those first round picks to draft a player better than Odell Beckham?"

"Would you give up Laremy Tunsil and Charles Harris for Beckham?" When Krantz asked, Rose responded with a quick "No!"

But why not? Isn't Odell Beckham Jr. a more impactful player than Tunsil and Harris combined? 

"I'm not doing that," Rose insisted. "We don't have a backup left tackle. I'm not giving him up."

"We haven't had a true number one receiver in a loooooong time," Krantz replied. It's easy to imagine Dolphins fans nodding in unison upon hearing this, but perhaps cooler heads prevailed. 

The Joe Rose Show took to twitter to poll the audience. It turns out, fans would rather hold on to their first round picks. 


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