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Richie Incognito: I Am A Gentle Butterfly

Alex Donno
May 11, 2018 - 4:18 pm

Former Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito joined The Joe Rose Show on Friday morning for one of the more memorable and quirky conversations we've heard in a while. 

After apparently retiring and un-retiring on social media before the Bills front office declared he's on the retirement list, Rose asked Incognito point-blank if he's officially retired from football. 

"I am officially... nothing... right now," said Incognito. "I am continuing with the waiting game. This is big business and it's a waiting game. I have nothing but love for the Buffalo Bills and what they are about to do. I really love coach McDermott and the whole staff. These next few months and next few years are about me, and about me being happy."

Incognito says his current routine in life involves "a lot of thinking, praying and meditating."

Richie was the focus of the Miami Dolphins "bully-gate" scandal back in 2013. Those events between he and Jonathan Martin, and the investigation that followed, have defined Incognito's reputation in the eyes of many. Rose noted that Incognito could write a compelling book about his life and career, mentioning that many people probably owe him apologies for some of the bully-gate fallout. 

Incognito responded: "No apologies. Life is too short for apologies. What we need to focus on is just coming together, being strong in our faith, and moving on."

If you think Incognito is a bully, he'd like you to know that you cannot judge this book by the cover. 

"I am a gentle butterfly wrapped in a devil-lion suit," Incognito said. 

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