Supreme Court Ruling Has Changed American Sports, But When Will Florida Be Ready To Take Bets?

Alex Donno
May 15, 2018 - 12:39 pm

Thanks to the Supreme Court, the sports landscape in America is about to change. 

On Monday, SCOTUS struck down a 1992 federal law that prohibited most states from allowing sports betting. Now, states will have the authority set their own regulations. Most are expected to legalize and tax it. 

On Monday, sports lawyer Alicia Jessop joined Chris Wittyngham and Ira Winderman on WQAM to describe how this will change sports in the USA. 

"The ramifications of this? Money, money, money," she said. "We have opened up Pandora's box where the world of sports gambling has changed overnight," Jessop added. 

Attorney David Weinstein of of Hinshaw & Culbertson joined The Joe Rose Show on Tuesday morning, and warned listeners that it might take a while for the state of Florida to get their ducks in a row. 

“It’s going to take a while for sports gambling in Florida. We’re way behind the eight ball compared to some other states who saw this coming and wanted a piece of the pie.”

States like New Jersey will surely be ready to accept wagers by 2018 football season, but Floridians may have to wait longer. 

Brett Smiley, editor of SportsHandle.com, told Hochman and Crowder that there doesn't appear to be any timetable for Florida to get in on the action. 

"That might include Florida," Smiley said, when asked if any states will push back against the chance to legalize sports betting. "I don't know if Florida has even enacted the daily fantasy sports law which has been ongoing. There are casinos in about 38 states and probably the majority of them will at least consider doing something [in Florida.]"

You can listen to the interviews with Brett Smiley, David Weinstein, and Alicia Jessop on the WQAM Podcasts.