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Warriors-Cavs For The Fourth Time Isn't Good For The NBA, Says Ira Winderman

Alex Donno
May 29, 2018 - 3:42 pm

LeBron James put the Cleveland Cavaliers on top of his broad shoulders and carried them through the Eastern Conference. Now, he's put his team in position to face the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals for the fourth straight season. 

Does the Cavs-Warriors 'fourpeat' make for the best possible series? Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel joined The Midday Show on Tuesday to weigh in. 

"I don't think this re-re-re-rematch is good for the NBA from this perspective: We know how much of a short-fall the Cavaliers were last year against the Warriors, and that was with Kyrie Irving," said Winderman. "You've seen some of these betting lines that are just ridiculous for an NBA Finals. Now, the Cavaliers are back without Kyrie. It's almost as if they should get a loaner player just to even the playing field a little bit more. I think we've reached our point right now where we know that the Warriors are the better team."

The Warriors are a massive favorite for the series at -1200. That means you'd have to place a $1,200 bet on Golden State just to win $100 back. At +750, the Cavaliers are the biggest Finals underdog since 2002. 

Winderman says the Warriors need to win this series decisively in order to cement their legacy as an all-time great. 

"If the Warriors want to cement their place, they can't fool around with Cleveland," noted Winderman. "They can't make this a six or seven game series like they did against the Rockets. If they want to move to the next level, to what Pat Riley likes to call 'a generational team,' they need to make quick work of LeBron and whatever's left of the Cavaliers."

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