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Whiteside Contract: Biggest Mistake Of Pat Riley's Career

Alex Donno
May 03, 2018 - 8:59 am

Pat Riley is one of the finest coaches and executives in the history of American sports. But is he perfect?

The state of the Miami Heat roster, with zero salary cap space and an absence of superstars, would suggest that even Pat Riley is capable of making mistakes. 

HoopsCritic.com founder and Sirius XM host Brian Geltzeiler joined The Joe Rose Show on Wednesday Morning. Geltzeiler points to Riley giving a 4 year, $98 million contract to Hassan Whiteside back in 2016 as a serious burden to the Heat's finances and productivity. 

"This contract might be the biggest mistake of Pat Riley’s career,” Geltzeiler said. “Nothing that has gone on with Hassan Whiteside is something that wasn’t foreseen before the Heat gave him the big contract. I’m very skeptical it’s going to work, and the Heat are stuck with him."

Whiteside is due over $25 million next season and over $27 million the year after. The contract is an albatross. In order to trade Whiteside, Miami would need to package at least one young player or their 2019 first round draft pick, if not a combination of the two. 

Geltzeiler feels the Heat are "stuck" with Whiteside, but Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel feels there's at least a remote chance they can move him.

“I still think [the Miami Heat] are working the phones, exploring every possibility,” said Winderman, Tuesday on The Show. 

During his 50-year NBA career from player, to coach, to executive, Pat Riley has done countless incredible things. With Miami, he's traded for Zo, Hardaway, and Shaq. He drafted Dwyane Wade. He signed LeBron James and Chris Bosh. He's delivered three championships over the past twelve years. 

Is Hassan Whiteside Pat Riley's biggest mistake?

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