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Will Hassan Whiteside Ever 'Fit' With Heat Culture? Grant Long, Rick Kamla Discuss

Alex Donno
May 10, 2018 - 11:49 am

The great debate continues: Does Hassan Whiteside have a future with the Miami Heat? Miami's highest paid player saw his minutes decrease in the playoffs as his production and effort on the court waned. 

Miami Heat president Pat Riley said Whiteside "wasn't ready" for the postseason in terms of his fitness. Words like that can be a kiss of death from the Heat's Godfather. 

On Thursday morning, former Heat forward Grant Long and NBA TV host Rick Kamla joined the Joe Rose Show to offer some perspective on Whiteside's situation. 

Grant Long: “I agree with Pat Riley. I just think that [Whiteside] wasn’t as prepared as he needed to be. I think he’s a gifted young man, but he’s going to have to commit himself to play at a level of basketball that is going to lead the team. He’s got to find a way to do what he does every game, especially in the playoffs. He’s going to have to use this offseason to make some significant improvements to keep himself on the floor.”

While Long, who currently works as an analyst for the Detroit Pistons, took a more optimistic approach on Whiteside, Kamla has a hard time imagining Whiteside's career continuing in South Florida. 

Rick Kamla: "I haven't given up on Hassan Whiteside as a player, but I have given up on Hassan Whiteside on the Miami Heat. When you diss the culture as aggressively and blatantly like he did, Pat Riley doesn't play that.  Riley has been in stare downs with Wade, and he went to Chicago. Riley has been in stare down with LeBron, and he went back to Cleveland.  Riley doesn't play, and I love that about him. It's culture first and everything else second.  I think Hassan Whiteside, as far as the Miami Heat version of him, is going to fall victim to that this offseason." 

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