Donno and Friedo Show: Friedo’s doing the Fish, Zo vs LeBron and Jorge Sedano joined the show

Alex Solana
May 07, 2019 - 1:50 pm

In the First Hour of the Show:

Friedo’s doing the fish after a BIG Marlins win and we try to figure out what Shaq is saying on TNT.  


In the Second Hour of the Show:

Donno and Friedo discuss who would win in a fight – Zo or LeBron?


In the Third Hour of the Show:

Solana’s Headlines spark a debate about changing your underwear and Max Kellerman believes Kawhi is better than Kobe Bryant.


In the Fourth Hour of the Show:

ESPN’s Jorge Sedano joined the show and a Darren Rovell tweet about Starbucks.