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Donno and Friedo Show: Tannehill Relating to Aaron Rodgers, Jarren Williams Update and DeeJay Dallas the Canes Lifer

Alex Solana
December 20, 2018 - 1:52 pm

In the First Hour of the Show:

  • #DonnoBomb Jarren Williams doesn’t want to leave
  • Gase on away losses
  • Tannehill can relate to Aaron Rodgers

In the Second Hour of the Show:

In the Third Hour of the Show:

  • Xavien Howard makes the pro bowl
  • Cane lifer DeeJay Dallas
  • Solana’s girlfriend problems

In the Fourth Hour of the Show:

  • Philbin is at it again
  • Gase upset Tunsil didn’t make the Pro Bowl
  • Larranaga calls Die Hard an Xmas movie