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ESPN’s Mike Greenberg explains his criticism of the Miami Dolphins with Hoch and Crowder

Alex Solana
January 21, 2020 - 7:34 pm

Mike Greenberg was very upset with the Miami Dolphins earlier in the NFL season. The ESPN morning show host on Get Up began a monologue back in September with a message for Dolphins fans, “you’re team is going to flat out stink this year.”

The larger message Greenberg was trying to send? He doesn’t want tanking to become a thing in the NFL. Citing baseball franchises and the Cleveland Browns (yeah… this was in September) as examples of how tanking has worked in the past, Greenberg begs for something to be done to keep teams like the Dolphins from making tanking the norm in the National Football League.

“One team at a time tanking is not a big deal. But this cannot be allowed to spread,” said Greenberg. “I truly believe something needs to be done before we get to a place where a quarter of the NFL is tanking for Tua, hurling for Herbert or being terrible for Trevor.”

Naturally, Dolphins fans and Dolphins twitter were upset with the ESPN host. Teams have tanked for years and now that the Dolphins were taking their swing at it, they get called out? BY A JETS FAN?



Fast forward to a week before the Super Bowl and everything is different. Miami didn’t end up with the worst overall record and Tua is no longer expected to be the first overall pick. It doesn’t mean people in Miami have forgotten about Greenberg taking an issue with tanking when it seemed it was the route the Dolphins were taking.

Hoch and Crowder were joined by Mike Greenberg on Tuesday and allowed him the opportunity to apologize for what appeared to be anti-Miami rhetoric.


Marc Hochman: “What it felt like I think to a lot of people down here, me included, was for some reason Miami always gets singled out for doing things other organizations have done and I think it’s a nationwide dislike in Miami.”

Greenberg clarified that his issue was more with the philosophy of tanking itself.

“This is not aimed at the Dolphins. If it felt that way either I misspoke or it just came out badly.” The ESPN host continued, “It is aimed at the phenomenon of tanking which I really believe is the opposite of what sports are supposed to be … It was and remains much less a Dolphins issue than an NFL issue.”

Will DolFans forgive Greenberg? Probably not. He’s a Jets fan. But did we find some common ground? Hoch and Crowder think so.

Listen to the full interview with Mike Greenberg below here.