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Tank For Tua? Salguero Says He Wants the Dolphins to Do It

Alex Solana
January 03, 2019 - 12:22 pm

We are now 3 days removed from the post-Adam Gase era and several questions loom over the Dolphins organization.

One major area of concern? The future of the Quarterback position. After 7 seasons, it seems Tannehill's time has come and past, especially when you consider he is due $77 million dollars over the next two seasons. Miami does have the option to cut Tannehill this off season, a move which would only cost the team a $13.4 million cap hit according to Spotrac.com.

One way of improving at the QB position? Drafting.

Armando Salguero, Dolphins reporter for the Miami Herald, joined the Donno and Friedo show Wednesday and he had an interesting route which he believes Miami should pursue.

When asked if he believes owner Stephen Ross will push for the Dolphins to draft QB's in the first couple rounds, Salguero responded with "I want to tank for Tua!" The Herald reporter added, "Have you seen him play? He's good!" 

Tagovailoa, the 20-year old sophomore quarterback at Alabama, will not be eligible for the NFL until the 2020 draft which is why Salguero believes Miami should consider "tanking" this upcoming season. There is little doubt Tua will be a highly coveted prospect when he becomes eligible for the NFL and many believe he is exactly the kind of player that would elevate the Dolphins organization.

Below, you can listen to Salguero on the Donno and Friedo show talk about “Tanking for Tua” and why the search for a new head coach may be a difficult one for GM Chris Grier and owner Stephen Ross.