Crowder Parcels in hot tub

© Sun-News File Photo | 2019 Apr 1

Hoch and Crowder show: All the details of how Crowder soaked in a hot tub with a naked Bill Parcels

Includes a list of the top 10 crouton flavors

Hochman and Crowder
May 13, 2020 - 6:55 pm

In the Loco hour of the show: Hoch wishes everyone a happy national crouton day and we tease the top 10 croutons list. After, Will Manso’s phone line struggles.  


In the second hour of the show: Carlos Frias of the Miami Herald describes how he was almost involved in a physical altercation with Bill Parcels. After, Crowder shares his uncomfortable Bill Parcels story.


In the third hour of the show: Norwegia. Roach coach fish sticks. Ketchup packets. All of these things could only mean one thing: we celebrate Erick Falero’s birthday.


In the fourth hour of the show: Solana finally gets to his list of the top 10 crouton flavors in a salad. After, JFig has her latest movie review.


Best of the Hoch and Crowder show: The story of Crowder and a naked Bill Parcels in a hot tub and a list of the top 10 crouton flavors.