Dolphins DE Zach Sieler

© Jasen Vinlove | 2020 Oct 18

Dolphins DE Zach Sieler describes life living in his RV

Zach Sieler joined Hoch and Crowder to talk about his unusual NFL lifestyle

Hochman and Crowder
October 23, 2020 - 12:40 am

You can probably count the list of NFL players living in an RV on one hand but at least one - Zach Sieler - calls a South Florida camp ground home while playing for the Miami Dolphins. 

It is Sielers second year living out of an RV and he says it is not out of necessity. 

“I love it. It is out of enjoyment.” 

The 25 year old defensive end spoke to Hoch and Crowder on Thursday about his unusual NFL lifestyle including living in an RV, alligator hunting, hog hunting, deep sea fishing and guided hunts out of a family ranch in Central Florida. 

If you listen to Hoch and Crowder, you can only imagine the bond Crowder and Sieler built during the interview as they both flexed their hunting lifestyle. 

Listen to the full Zach Sieler interview with Hoch and Crowder here: