KZ Okpala

© Steve Mitchell | 2019 Sep 30

Hoch and Crowder Show: KZ Okpala vs Michael Jordan in a 1-on-1 game in 2020… who you got?

Includes interviews with Kurt Helin, Pete Prisco and Doug Plagens

Hochman and Crowder
May 21, 2020 - 6:37 pm

In the Loco hour of the show: We kick of the show with a banger and discuss if the Josh Rosen trade reports. After, Kurt Helin joins the show to talk about the NBA potentially playing in Orlando.


In the second hour of the show: If you found a million dollars in cash, would you return in? After, Pete Prisco joins the show and we go into the archives to celebrate Mr. T’s birthday.


In the third hour of the show: Radio voice of the Florida Panthers and the shows food expert Doug Plagens joins the show and saves the show when Hoch and Crowder suddenly disconnect.


In the fourth hour of the show: A late appearance of the Bag of Bits during headlines. After, JFig is back for her review of Drive.


Best of the Hoch and Crowder show: Hoch refuses to admit MJ can’t beat a current NBA player in a 1-on-1. After, Doug Plagens plays hero and Solana pulls out the Bag of Bits late in the show.