Ice Cream Cake


Oronde Gadsden, Mike Greenberg and Mike Cugno weigh in on the running ice cream cake debate

Includes a celebration of Woody Harrelson’s 59th birthday

Hochman and Crowder
July 23, 2020 - 8:05 pm

Three more guests joined in on the running debate that has taken over the Hoch and Crowder show the last week.

Do you like Ice Cream Cake?

For ESPN’s Mike Greenberg, the answer was easy. “Don’t love it.”

This answer pleased Hoch and Crowder as they scour to find more and more people that agree with their claim that ice cream cake is not good and people that like are simply under an illusion of some sorts.

Former Miami Dolphins WR Oronde Gadsden had a much more interesting answer. He was not interested in discussing whether or not ice cream cake was good, as his response to the question was “Why would I hate ice cream cake?”  Instead, OG was perplexed when he found out Omar Kelly stored the dessert in his freezer for months. That annoyed the Dolphins legend. “Ice cream cake is a situational buy,” he argued. “That ice cream cake in 27 days is going to be hard as a brick.”

Listen to today’s Best of below to listen to Mike Greenberg, Oronde Gadsden and Mike Cugno all defend their views on the delicious treat.


So the quest for support continues for Marc Hochman and Channing Crowder.  For those keeping score at home… here is how the ice cream cake standings look thus far: 

Yes, they love ice cream cake:

  • Doug Cifu
  • Omar Kelly
  • Twan Russell
  • Adam Beasley
  • Anthony Chiang
  • Solana

No, they hate ice cream cake:

  • Hoch
  • Crowder
  • Garrett Cooper aka Coopaloop
  • Dan Day
  • Mike Greenberg

Swing votes: (Answers that made us think we can swing their opinion either way)

  • Oronde Gadsden
  • Mike Cugno