Elephant or Crowder

Hoch and Crowder Show: Adam Sandler vs Will Ferrell and the debut of Elephant or Crowder

Includes interviews Kendrick Perkins, DBJ, Darren Rovell and Doug Plagens.

Hochman and Crowder
December 05, 2019 - 5:56 pm

In the loco hour of the show: Kicking things off debating Adam Sandler vs Will Ferrell. After, Kendrick Perkins joins the show and shows love to the Miami Heat.


In the second hour of the show: Breaking down Adam Sandler’s best movies versus Will Ferrell’s. After, DBJ joins the show and J-Fig picks more games. (Probably incorrectly)  


In the third hour of the show:  Darren Rovell joins the show and becomes Hoch’s spirit animal. We debut Elephant or Crowder and Doug Plagens joins the show to rate our Mt. Rushmore’s of cookies.


In the fourth hour of the showTua makes a comment about his future and a nymphomaniac duck is brought to our attention.