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Hoch and Crowder: Urban Meyer future at stake, Miami looking good this year, Norway is odd

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Hochman and Crowder
August 03, 2018 - 5:57 pm

Today during the 1st hour:

- Crowder calls Millenials soft.

-Chip Patterson, CBS Sports College Football Writer joins the show

- They talk more about University of Miami Football and preview the season


Today during the 2nd hour:

- Joe Schad, Dolphin Writer for the Palm Beach Post, joins the show

- Chris and Crowder talk about Colin Kaepernick getting bleeped out of a Madden 19 Song. 

- Chris shows Crowder how weird Norway commercials and problems are. 

- We hear what Falero calls people from Norway. 


Today during the 3rd hour:

- Chris and Crowder wonder how Tom Brady does it

- They talk about Steroids and Snitches

- They talk about meeting people in person.


Today during the 4th hour:

- Does size really matter in sports

- Joe Schad from the Palm Beach Post joins the show

- Donno joins to talk about McGregor returning to the octogon.