Hoch & Crowder: BoGo's, I.C.E & Guacamole (?)

Hochman and Crowder
May 06, 2019 - 7:00 pm

Today during the 1st hour:

-          Cobra Kai! Youtube Premium! Hoch doesn’t want to pay for it!

-          Will Manso joined the show.

-          Best Karate Movie of all-time.

Today during the 2nd hour:

-          Best listeners! Ever.

-          BOGO rules in Florida.

-          Josh Rosen the next Brett Favre?

-          Crowder doesn’t know what I.C.E is. Falero schools him.

Today during the 3rd hour:

-          Best QB’s who have had a rough start in their careers.

-          Hoch’s rough gambling streak.

-          George Clooney’s gift to his friends.

-          The-Saurus.

-          Wacamole?

Today during the 4th hour:

-          Marlins are struggling?

-          Will Manso. ​

-           Dan Aykroyd.