Hoch & Crowder: D-Wade hinting at a comeback, Tannehill getting hit & Urban Meyer in big trouble.

Hochman and Crowder
August 01, 2018 - 5:54 pm

Today during the 1st hour:

  • Ryan Tannehill getting hit in practice?
  • Adam Beasley joined the show.
  • Dwyane Wade coming back?!

Today during the 2nd hour:

  • Dwyane Wade.
  • Why Witty doesn’t drink coffee.
  • Crowder’s worst loss as a professional.
  • Randy Moss the best WR ever?

Today during the 3rd hour:

  • Crowder needs a big actor to protect him.
  • Dolphins preseason is right around the corner.
  • ESPN the Ocho!
  • Around the league.

Today during the 4th hour:

  • NFL.
  • Urban Meyer.